What encourages me

It’s been a rough few weeks. All I seem to do is work and sleep, I barely have time to shower, let alone no time for writing.
Writing is my passion. It’s what helps me stay centered and calm. When I’m as stressed as I am, it’s even more evident of having AS. On those times when I feel useless and like I can’t go on, I look at this quote I pasted on this picture. It helps to remember just because I can’t handle certain things doesn’t mean I can’t do great and important things that I’m striving toward.


I copied these words from here.



  1. jofox2108 · June 21, 2015

    The team who diagnosed me said something similar. They asked me how I felt about diagnosis and I said I felt broken. They explained that although I find some things very hard which regular people can do without even thinking, I need to remember that autism also gives me great strengths. I kind of think of the strengths like superpowers and the social and sensory problems as my kryptonite. I know how hard it can be, to carry a hidden disability like this. Hang in there.


    • different kind of wallflower · June 22, 2015

      Thank you so much. Reading this helps. I am hanging in, day by day. Some days better than the last. We are special and have gifts that others don’t. Cookie cutter people are boring anyways. 😊

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